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  • Wildlife Identification and Tracking

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    Wildlife Identification & Tracking

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a course?

You can book online (from the 15th April) or you can down load a booking form and send this to us with a cheque.

Where are you?

Please go directly to our easy download page where you will find a google map, sat nav postcode and written directions. You will also be sent this information when you book online.

Are you accessible by public transport?

There is no bus service near us and the nearest train station is Liphook (Hampshire) which is 10 minutes drive from us. This station is on the London Waterloo to Portsmouth line. Please advise us well before the course starts so we can arrange to collect you or to organise a taxi for you. On longer courses you must be at the station by 6.30pm to be collected unless you are informed otherwise. For a day course, your arrival needs to be no later than 8.30am.

What if it there is bad weather?

We will only cancel a course if the weather is detrimental to personal safety (such as snow and high winds). We check weather well in advance of the course and will let you know 24 hours prior if we have had to cancel on these grounds.

Is there an age limit?

We have a lower age limit of 18 plus and no upper limit! Sometimes we do use our discretion if someone is under aged but is still accompanied by an adult –please ask us prior to booking. If we are running a course for young people (from summer 2013 onwards) then ages will be displayed on the course page.

Are there facilities for Disabled People?

Unfortunately, the very nature of what we teach does preclude those with walking difficulty as we are in the woods on uneven terrain. However we run courses at the Sustainability Centre and the Weald and Downland museum who do have disabled access and facilities (including accommodation) which may be of interest.

How demanding are your courses?

We are not a survival company; our courses are better described as educational rather than endurance. Some may find our events tiring as we pack in as much knowledge and experience as possible and there will be some gentle walking possibly over uneven ground.

Will I need specialist kit?

Please see kit lists on our easy download page – some courses have different kit requirements so please check on the list. Do not go out and spend a fortune, we have some items for loan however these do not include sleeping bags.

Do I need to have prior experience?

You need no prior experience, there are no entry requirements for any of our courses (other than our instructor course) and each course can be attended as stand alone events.

What will I be eating?

Catered courses include breakfast, lunch and evening meal. There is always a fire in camp and the kettle is always on providing hot drinks on demand. Food is simple, tasty, healthy and usually lots of it. We try to vary it as much as possible and use different methods of camp cooking. Where possible, we try to use locally produced food, game and fair trade products but it does depend on the time of year and we do try to stay as seasonal as possible. We do not live off the land on our courses however we do try to introduce as many edible plant species as possible where it is relevant to your course.

Please check individual courses descriptions as some of our programmes are self catering.

Dietary Requirements

We do cater for medically confirmed intolerances, allergies and for vegetarian diets. However, if you have preferences or mild intolerance (and change your mind when served a meal!) then we may not be able to satisfy you! If you have a dietary intolerance of any kind then you are kindly asked to bring your own snacks. If you have very specific requirements or very serious allergies then you may be asked to bring your own food and cooking equipment so please enquire about this PRIOR to booking online.

What do I need to expect on a course?

We like to encourage a group effort, on our catered courses we will prepare the meals but do ask for help with the washing up at the end of the meal. Generally we ask that you muck in with other camp chores help if you see something needs doing – please do not expect any of us to wait on you!

Can I bring alcohol?

Alcohol is not permitted on our courses for obvious safety reasons.

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry but dogs are not allowed on site at our landlords request and they are not able to be left in the car park in your car either. If we find you have left a dog in the car during a course then you will be asked to leave. If you have any issues with dogs please be advised that we have our own people friendly camp dogs that are present most of the time.

Will we be hunting and trapping?

We do not teach methods of hunting and trapping birds and mammals on any of our courses.

What are your sanitary facilities?

We have a basic expedition style camp with the exception of a static composting toilet. We find this more environmentally friendly than digging latrines and infinitely more comfortable. Our shower is a specially designed bucket system and the shower is open air. On longer courses, we recommend you bring your own plastic folding washing bucket and a sponge for strip washes. An expedition type camp does not have flushing toilets or running water, but we try to make life's necessary functions as comfortable as possible. We also have a heated round house which should make any inclement weather much more bearable if we notice it at all!

Will my stuff be safe?

Your cars will be left in a car park on the estate and although the gate is locked, they are visible from the road. Although we cannot guarantee the safety of your vehicle we have never had an issue of theft or damage to date. However you are advised not to bring any valuables or if you have to, do not leave them on show or keep them in your daysack at camp. We will drive your heavy equipment up the track from the car park to the camp and it is a 10 minute walk for you from there. We do advise in our Terms and Conditions to take out a personal insurance before you come. We can advise a number of companies but the main one we use is INSUREANDGO.

How big are your course sizes?

Our courses sizes range from 8 to 12 with an instructor ratio of 1:6 or less. Sizes are stated on each individual page.

What is your Health and Safety protocol?

We have a stringent Health and Safety and Risk Assessment process in place on every course. If you are a leader bringing a group and require further details then please ask.

Please be aware that we have had a couple of cases of Lymes disease in the area which is passed to humans through Ticks. We carry Tick removal equipment however your best defence is not to be bitten in the first place. Please inform a member of staff for advice if you find you have been bitten more information can be found at these following sites:

Do I have to camp?

Over the years we have had a few clients who, despite our best efforts to change their minds, really dislike the thought of camping and find this element the biggest problem in learning outdoor skills. Although camping is integral to some of our courses lots of our events do not require it.  If you do have to leave for any reason then you are politely asked to inform a member of staff before you do.

Although you may be working fairly late into the evening it is quite possible to sleep in local B&B's or hotels. You should contact Midhurst Tourist information Centre on 01730 817322 who will have up to date listings.

Can I bring my mobile?

You can bring a mobile but we ask you to be very discreet and not allow it to ring or be answered during teaching sessions as they are distracting for everyone. Please note that there is nowhere to plug in chargers either in to charge your battery. Vodafone has the best signal, although extensive leaf cover does give some signal problems at the camp. Staff know where to go to get the best signal if you need to phone home!

What tools do I need?

All the tools needed for our courses will be loaned for the duration. Unless specified on joining instructions or previously agreed by our staff, please leave all other cutting tools, such as axes and large knives (especially folding) at home. Many tools specified for outdoor use are often unsuitable, unsafe or require specialist training to become proficient with.


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