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Certificate in Bushcraft Leadership Testimonials - Class of 2011/12

David Adams

I had looked at the Leadership in Bushcraft course loads of times on the website. There were many reasons that it seemed impossible that I could ever attend. Work, family commitments, travelling, the list went on and on. I decided that if I wanted it bad enough that things would come together and they did. I worked a deal out at work, arranged the most appropriate method of travel (train) and prepared the family for my monthly absences.

On the first day of the course I knew I had made the right decision. It became apparent that everybody who attended had their own stories of how they got there and the obstacles they had to overcome. If you want to eat, sleep and dream Bushcraft for a year then this is the course for you.

The site is idyllic, with wildlife all around you. The days are long and the workload away from the course weeks can be daunting at first, but stick at it, organise yourself and you will pass!

Was it a life changing experience?

Well its led me into new arenas, given me credibility within the industry, corroborated my previous learning, given me the confidence to teach outside of my comfort zone and above all reconnected me with what I have always loved doing i.e. messing about in the woods and fields.

I can thoroughly recommend all the team at the Woodcraft school and look forward to keeping a connection with the school for many years to come.

What am I doing now?

I continue to work in a FE college in the north of England using many of the skills I have developed to teach difficult entry level young people about the wonders of nature. I am also developing my own school of outdoor education with help from friends I have made during the last year.


Guy Hagg

Attending this course has been a real life affirming event. The excellent training and supervision given by John Rhyder and his team provided a wonderful mix of new skills and knowledge whilst confirming and enhancing knowledge in other areas. The Woodcraft School site is ideally situated within some beautiful woodland, which John ensures is harvested in a sustainable manner that enhances the site whilst also supplying the necessary materials for crafts and the construction of shelters. Spending time in the woods over a 10 month period gave me an insight into all the variety that the British weather could possibly produce, from beautiful warm days to nights where the temperature plummeted to -11oC.

What am I doing now?

The knowledge and experiences gained on this course have provided me with the confidence and skills to seek work within the Bushcraft industry and I have subsequently secured a position as Instructor with Joe O’Leary of Wilderness Survival Skills.



Kieran Garland

The Instructor Course at The Woodcraft School is the one of the most exciting and transformative educational experiences I have ever enjoyed. Over the ten months of the course, both John Rhyder and Nick Ward taught us, not just a comprehensive selection of practical wilderness skills, but also the broader context from which these skills emerged, encouraging a deeper understanding of which techniques work, and which do not, and why. Most important of all, the course prepared us as tutors, fostering the standards of 'best-practice' in instruction and leadership necessary for any would-be provider of outdoor education; for me, it is here that the light of their skills as instructors, and of the course itself, shone brightest. The course covers, in great detail, the core knowledge and essential craft techniques that constitute, as it were, the 'iconic' skills of bushcraft, but the course goes a step beyond, placing these skills in a wider framework t hrough studies on the natural history of the various habitats of Britain, as well as their basic ecology, management, and the legislation that protects them. Having completed the course, I now feel more confident about stepping out to explore the wilderness. If you considering doing the same, or yearn for a working life in the outdoors, it is without hesitation I now recommend this course to you. Tips for the course: 1/ Get your porfolio in early (No, I didn't, but I wish I had). 2/ Don't worry about the latin names for the seventy-odd plants and trees - your colleagues on the course will, however much you're struggling, help you through, and, in the process, will likely become friends for life. 3/ Explore the woods a little bit every day that you're there. The time passes all too quickly, and you'll miss them when you've gone.

What am I doing now?

What am I doing now? I now work as a freelance bushcraft instructor, and am continuing my studies in wildlife tracking at the Woodcraft School.


Patrick Beach

Iv'e received certificates in the past which have marked the passing of a course, when I received the certificate for the instructors course it was special, it wasn't just getting the level 4 qualification, it was symbolic of a incredible journey I'd shared with a great bunch of people I'll always know. The instructors course is one of the best things I have ever taken part in (and I'm no spring chicken!) .John and Nick as instructors are masters of their craft, giving a learning experience that is both unique, challenging and inspiring, Its a big thing to commit to a course like the instructors course in many ways, to steal a quote "there are things in life we do and wish we hadn't, and things we wished we done and didn't".. I'm am so thankful I did this, an investment for the future on many levels, an experience that will always stay with me Big blessings to the Woodcraft School team I work as an environmental officer with the YMCA engaging young p eople at risk in East Brighton delivering various forms of outdoor learning , because of the back grounds and difficulties these young people have, there is a need to combine therapeutic work with educational work, the instructors course has been given me the necessary tools to structure and deliver sessions to a higher level, plus the skills to take the learning experience a step further into residential work


Joshua Hemingway

I researched lots of similar courses, many of which had excellent testimonials and competent instructors. But knowing John's history as one of the founding-fathers of bushcraft education in the UK gave me a great deal of confidence. Quite simply this is the most comprehensive course of its kind in the country. The syllabus has been tailored to provide tuition in all the areas you need to know about in order to teach. There is even scope to develop personal interests in areas relevant to the subject. At first I was worried that my experience was insufficient to attend the course. But the instructors were on hand throughout to offer friendly advise, and taught at our pace to ensure that we understood everything we were learning. The "session-per-month" format is a wonderful way to learn, as it allows you to experience the best and worst that the British countryside has to throw at you. You get to experience the gamut of changes that nature undertake s from season to season. This course has given me the knowledge, confidence and qualifications to safely lead groups in the British outdoors, and has opened my mind to new areas of Bushcraft which I would otherwise never have known about.


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