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  • Practical Ethnobotany and Plant Identification NCFE IIQ Level 4

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    Practical ethnobotany & plant identification

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Wildlife Consultancy

Specialising in wildlife monitoring and recording and management advice using wildlife tracking and other non invasive techniques. Our services may be necessary for development, forest operations or merely for those who wish to know more about the land they own. If you are unsure as to what exactly lives on your patch then we are well equipped to help with presence and absence surveys or build an inventory of the species to be found there. In addition to tracking skills we use camera traps, direct observation and a host of other techniques to carry out your survey. Specialising in mammals, reptiles and amphibians and plants and trees, we can compile an overview of natural history of your land which may help inform any management strategies under taken. We hold protective specicies licenses and are well versed in many surveying techniques. 

Educational consultancy

Drawing on extensive natural history and bushcraft orientated education experience we are also able to offer technical advice for the creation of nature based outdoor education programmes. We provide everything from designing programmes and training staff to deliver them, to assessing the site where these activities will take place especially for impact and sustainabililty of resources.


Contact us via our contact page.

Consultancy services include the following:

  • Species inventory
  • Great Crested Newt Surveys
  • Reptile Surveys
  • Badger Surveys
  • Riparian Mammal Survey
  • Deer Impact Assessment
  • Habitat Management Advice
  • Educational Programme Planning & Delivery

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