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Certificate in Bushcraft Leadership - NCFE IIQ Level 4

Woodcraft School were the first company in the country to offer an accredited course designed specifically for bushcraft instructors in the UK. Our programme of study is very in-depth and comprehensive and is dedicated to teaching trainee instructors both bushcraft techniques and how to deliver them.

You will not attend a raft of courses alongside the general public nor will you be expected to teach our courses on our behalf and pay for the privilege, instead, each of your sessions are dedicated solely to the development of first class bushcraft teachers and trainers and are attended only by such people. The outside groups we bring in to help develop your teaching skills do not pay us for the tuition. They are selected from groups within the local community who might otherwise struggle to attend a bushcraft course. This selection is designed to give you the best possible range of teaching experience and typically includes youth groups, mixes of children and adults and adult only groups. The range of experience within these are vast from countryside professionals to complete novices so your need to adapt enhances the learning process and gives you a wide range of skills and activities to draw on in the future. Trainee instructors are given the task of planning, preparing and delivering these sessions in their own style and with their own emphasis, we are not in the business of producing Woodcraft School clones who teach exactly what we teach, in the way that we teach it.

Upon completing the instructor course if students feel that they want to see Woodcraft School courses in action, we offer a volunteer placement where in return for helping with the cooking and preparation etc there is an opportunity to see firsthand life on the other side of the fence. This is free of charge, in fact we offer some travel expenses. Volunteers oftrn have a chance to experience our other courses and events as a reward for their input and assistance

Course Content

Tool design, safe tool use and selection, carving techniques, use of axe, tree felling with hand tools (axes), cleaving and conversion of timber, bow design and construction, atlatls, introduction to flint knapping, primitive glues, bark work, arrow making and fletching, cordage, net making, ropes knots and lashings, natural shelters, modern shelters, effects of heat and cold, clothing, backcountry cooking techniques, game preparation, winter twig identification, tree and plant identification, poisonous plants, wild food, basic fungi identification, coastal plants and seaweeds, using identification keys, uses of plants and trees, habitats, woodland management for recreation and conservation, natural navigation techniques, hazard tree recognition, risk assessment, codes of conduct, legislation for outdoor practitioners, teaching and learning theory, lesson planning and delivery, animal track and sign recognition, introduction to animal trailing, finding and making water safe, effects of dehydration, fire lighting and management, bow drill, hand drill, natural and manmade tinder.

Students also bring their own areas of expertise to the course and you may experience a wealth of other subjects than those listed, delivered by your peers during some of our teaching practice sessions.


Selection is interview based. Once we have processed your enquiry (see form below) then you will most probably be invited for interview:


The cost is of this course is £3200.00 which can be spread over monthy payments

Max course size is 12

You can download the course information booklet and enquiry form below or if you have not got a printer then please contact us on 01730 816299 so we can arrange to send you one.

If you would like to apply for this course then see the Student Information Pack below together with the application form which should printed off and sent back to us.

Course information

Enquiry Form - to complete and send back ASAP

Dates for the 2016 - 2017 Course

Interview dates

  • 25 May 2016
  • 7 June 2016 

Module Dates

  • 28th Sept - 2nd Oct
  • 19th Oct – 23rd Oct
  • 23rd Nov – 27th Nov
  • 14th Dec – 18th Dec
  • 25th Jan - 29th Jan
  • 15th Feb – 19th Feb
  • 15th Mar – 19th Mar
  • 26th Apr – 30th Apr
  • 24th May – 28th May
  • 21st Jun – 25th Jun

Course Reviews

Naomi Walmsley

Sept 2015 2015 - Woodcraft School

I signed up to the NCFE year long course thinking I understood the intense year ahead. I had no idea! But through all the studying, the tests, the gale force winds and wild weathers I have to say it was one of the best adventures I've had. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from such a knowledgeable teacher like John, I loved getting my brain working again, filling my brain with precious knowledge I'm sure once known! I did have some moments wondering if I could really do it, If I was really cut out for 'all this' Turns out..I am. What a brilliant course! I find myself so much more confident in what I teach and what I know. I wouldn't trade it in now for the world. I met some great people, experienced the woods through all the seasons, made some amazing crafts (my Bow!!!!) and learned some incredibly valuable whats next!? I urge all who want to teach in this area to do John Rhyders Course. 

Naomi runs Outback 2 Basics with her partner Dan

Carl Alsop

Sept 2015 - Woodcraft School

I am writing this review  to Woodcraft School, in particular to John Rhyder and Phil Brooke two of the most talented bushcrafters i have ever met.I honestly thought when i started this course that i was out of my depth and believe me i was, i had a major problem with public speaking but with the experience of John and Phil things made sense. I feel now that i can do anything. There is no feeling better than watching kids (and adults) walk away from you having learnt something. This course is not just about being able to light a fire when you are cold, it is about learning new living skills and bringing out the best in you, it teaches you everything about eco systems, sustainability,  and learning to not just respect your environment but to respect the people around you. (One year ago i didnt know why anyone would want to use that last sentence ). There are subjects that you will struggle with but everybody uses all there experiences to help you through, i ve made some good friends for life on this course and i owe a lot of people a lot of thank yous but this one is for John Rhyder and Phil Brooke and all the team at Woodcraft School. Thank you. This course will change your life for the better, it has mine.

Carl runs Mintaka Bushcraft 

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