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Diploma in Bushcraft - Level 5

There is so much to learn and achieve within the field of bushcraft and natural history study that it is all to possible and indeed common to flit around a number of subjects with no real focus. The diploma has been designed as a perfect opportunity to allow you to take your passion in certain areas to a higher level. Providing, as it does, a framework in which to structure the study it is intended to be used it as an opportunity for deep, personal and professional development.

Entry requirements

You must have successfully completed the Certificate in Bushcraft leadership or the level 4 Certificate in Applied Bushcraft. In addition this programme must be finished within two years of commencement.


The units are broadly speaking the same as for the Level 4 programme but ask you take these areas a step further on your own. You will be expected to find a project for three of the four units but you must choose from elements that have either not been taught by us on the CCertificate of Bushcraft Leadership or take one of the subjects covered and investigate deeper.

Choose three different subjects from three different units in the following study areas: Outdoor Living Skills, Natural History, Craft, or Lead and Instruct Groups in Nature Based Outdoor Learning.

  • Plan and explain your process, what you wish to achieve and how you propose to go about it.
  • Place the subjects in context of historical, cultural relevance.
  • Evaluate and explain how and why you have chosen particular techniques or materials for your research.
  • Contrast different materials or techniques which may or may not give the same or similar result
  • Present and demonstrate fully explain your research and demonstrate any relevant practical skills
  • Interpret and explain draw conclusions from your research and practical skills
  • Critically evaluate provide a balanced view of your own performance throughout the research process

You may choose for example to explore other fire making methods than the ones covered on the Level 3 or 4, researching and mastering hand drill for example, or as one past student has already done, research different woods and evaluate their suitability for bow drill. In the craft section you could choose to delve further into the world of primitive technology or traditional woodland crafts. Natural history may involve a deeper exploration in the world of herbal medicine, or further study into animal tracks and sign.

These are just a few thoughts but contact us to discuss your ideas.


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