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  • Managing Woodland

    Woodland management

    8th July 2019

    Managing Woodland

    In depth exploration of the management of trees and woodland

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Practical Nature

Practical nature as been created as a sister company for Woodcraft School to provide quality media to support the work we do and the services we provide, our first offering is Woodcraft "A practical celebration of the tree"


"As you'd expect from one of the legends of outdoor education, this book contains a feast of practical tips. 

If you spend time outdoors, I strongly recommend getting hold of a copy". 

Tristan Gooley

This book takes the reader on a very practical learning journey about the safe use of tools and harvesting of wood to the subsequent uses for roots bark and timber. A step by step account with colour photographs, this book is suitable for a student of woodcraft, the naturalist, and the practitioner of bushcraft skills. If you have ever wanted to make your own bow and arrow, make fire using just friction or explore the properties of bark, make inks and dyes or discover a wealth of other relevant and traditional uses for wood then this book will not disappoint you.  John Rhyder has taught these skills for over 20 years and delivers the information in a no-nonsense and easy to follow guide with a lot of humour

Available from the following places:

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Reviews for Woodcraft

22 March 2019
“Message to Forest School Folk!”

Message to all forest school facilitators and forest school students. This book is ace!! Tool use, maintenance, woodland management techniques and tree craft. John Rhyder is one of the best teachers on all things woodland too. I recommend this book, and his courses. I'll be suggesting this to all fs folk joining our courses at Green light Trust ( Suffolk) from now on. 
Amazon Customer 


19 March 2019
"As enjoyable as being in the woods with the man himself."

I’ve had the pleasure of participating on a few courses with The Woodcraft School and John Rhyder’s new book ‘Woodcraft’ is literally a written form of some of those fantastic experiences. John's encyclopaedic knowledge, wit and humour shine through amongst these pages which makes reading and learning as enjoyable as being in the woods with the man himself. Reading ‘Woodcraft’ takes you on a clear and comprehensive step-by-step journey into the world of working with trees and the woodlands they inhabit. From sustainable harvesting to a very detailed section on bow-making with so many handy tips along the way that only a master of his subject can impart. I believe that this book would be a great asset to anyone interested in starting out on their own Bushcraft journey and/or expanding their knowledge and understanding of Woodcraft...
Woodland Dave


5 August 2018
“Excellent book, very well written”

Brilliant book, John has managed to write this book exactly as he would tell it, I can imagine John speaking as I read it. Well put together easy to follow, exactly like one of his courses.
Diarmund Farmer


13 August 2018
“Valuable "resource”

Clear and thorough explanations. Illustrated throughout. John is obviously an expert in his field. Definitely recommend.
Avid reader


 17 July 2018

What an awesome book! I can’t wait for more volumes from John.. This book is such a great aid for anyone wanting to learn more about bushcraft & the natural environment
Amazon Customer 


 21 June 2018
“This book is a good field manual”

This book is a good field manual, across many subjects and well explained. I am a scout and will be very useful in my activities.


3 July 2018
“A must for anybody who has an interest in learning practical skills or Bushcraft”

Love it a really good read and written in a way that it is easy to follow
Mr M Anderson-Jones


10 May 2018
“Like being taught in person...”

I have been a student of John’s since 2006 and have had the privilege to pass through the Bushcraft Leadership programme and have been waiting for the completion of John’s book since he told me about it. I am not disappointed. Had I not been able to attend the school and learn from the horse’s mouth, then this book would be the next best thing. Reading it is just like being taught directly by the author and his knowledgeable, thorough and experience filled teaching meets his approachability and friendliness. The book goes into great detail, including mistakes you are likely to make – for example how not to make feather sticks – so if you were learning from this you can know and spot them.

I have quite a large library of books on bushcraft, nature and survival subjects and this book isn’t really like any of them. The title suits it well as it doesn’t cover subjects in the same way or even the same subjects, it really is about woodcraft – crafts using what you find in the woods. There are great chapters on bow making, dyes and bark work that you simply don’t encounter in quite the same way in other books. It is in some of these chapters you really see and feel the passion for the subject.
T Bird


19 March 2019
“Excellent book to have and use.”

Just finished reading this book. What can I say that has not been said already!!
This is a fabulous read and I highly recommend getting this book. Full of information regarding working on different aspects of wood from bow making to making your own wooden spoons to the best ways of working with forestry and of course Bushcraft knowledge. There is a lot of excellent information in this book that John shares from his long experience in Bushcraft and all aspects of working with wood safely.
My only wish is that they would publish a version of this book that is waterproof!! I do take it with me when camping in the forest as I do use what John teaches you in his book....


9 May 2018 
“A book to read again and again”

This is a Bushcraft Classic - An incredible amount of information on many aspects of Woodcraft. John Rhyder shares his wealth of knowledge of Woodcraft in a very readable way with lots of practical tips and fascinating personal stories. No matter what level you feel you are at with Woodcraft/Bushcraft you will find something here to interest and inspire you.
As an amateur bowyer the section on bow making really got my attention as John knows his stuff when it comes to bows. I know I will be dipping back into this book again and again.
2 people found this helpful
George Aitchison


3 October 2018
“Superb book. Will lead in the bushcraft genre.”

Read the first 5 pages and you'll know you are reading a book written by a woodsman who has a deep understanding of both the natural environment and our place in it. The next best thing to attending John's courses.
Dave Rylance


20 June 2018
“Great book”

Great book, have been to one of Johns courses too and would highly recommend both the courses and the book
Miss Lorna Paton


11 June 2018
“Essential knowledge for the aspiring woodsman or woman”

This substantial book of nearly 400 pages is a well rounded guide on the uses of trees for the outdoors person. It covers everything from safe and sustainable felling and harvesting to fire making techniques, tool selection/maintenance/use to bow making, working with bark and roots, making glues, natural dyes, inks and charcoal. It includes a good number of helpful photographs (including a number of what NOT to do) and a healthy dose of John's humour. A very practical how-to guide and highly recommended.
S Batty


29 June 2018
“A book for enthusiasts!”

I have just finished reading Woodcraft by John Rhyder. It certainly achieves the goal of it's subtitle; 'A practical celebration of the tree.' This book is clearly the synthesis of a lifetime of learning and experience. I think that no matter how new to the subject, or experienced, the reader will find much that is worthwhile within these pages... whether that is the revelation of new knowledge and information, or the synthesis of things already known. For others John's book will provide a unique lens through which to regard familiar and well loved things as his sense of humour and personality shine through. As far as the 'literature of bushcraft' goes, there is nothing like this. It is lightyears away from the 'mass market', 'lowest common denominator' books you would find in a highstreet book store. This is a book for enthusiasts.
PS: Please can the 2nd edition come with a nice durable plastic cover so it can be safely read out in the woods!
Lizzie Harrington
Canoe Bob


23 July 2018
“This is a fantastic book for anyone who is interested in practical knowledge ...”

This is a fantastic book for anyone who is interested in practical knowledge of how one of nature's most fundamental resources - the humble tree- can be utilised for outdoor living skills, craft and conservation. Informative, insightful and humorous; the book is easy to read with clear instructions so that following any of the suggestions found within is achievable for any reader. What stands out is John's attention to detail and thoroughness when explaining the different processes, supplemented by helpful pictures and useful anecdotes! Overall, what is clear when reading is John's obvious respect and admiration for the natural world which can't be anything but infectious. The author has lived the subject for many years and this experience shines through. As a result 'Woodcraft' comes highly recommended.
Jack Watson


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Wildlife services

With his extensive knowledge and experience studying and working with wildlife,  John Rhyder is able to offer a number of wildlife and natural history related services. He is able to use a number of techniques, including wildlife tracking, with the focus on terrestrial mammals, reptiles and amphibians. 


This service is offered to conservation bodies, ecologists, consultants and landowners. 

Protected Species:

We are able to survey for the following protected species.

  • Badgers
  • Otter
  • Water vole
  • Dormice 
  • Great crested newt

Species inventory

We can offer a general walkover survey to find out what wildlife features might be in an area, be that for general interest, rare or protected wildlife or for invasive species. 

Tracking services

Deer impact assessment

This service relies on extensive knowledge of the tracks and signs of ungulate species and other species whose sign may be easily confused.  Impact surveys can be used to measure current levels of impact on a site and to monitor how impacts are changing with time. The methodology has been developed by the deer initiative and was originally based on the work of Dr A. Cooke. It is simple to apply but is also sensitive enough to give a broad description of deer impact, together with an indication of deer activity. It is usually used for general woodland assessment rather than for forestry crops. Deer impact assessment is extremely important when devising strategies to ensure the long-term health of woodland and other habitats.

Live capture and animal recovery

John is trained in live capture techniques of animals with the remote deliver of sedatives and medicinal drugs to animals that have either escaped or would become extremely stressed through direct handling. This service is also availible for conservation and research projects that monitor and study a wide range of wildlife. This also links to providing assistance in locating missing, escaped or injured animals using extensive experience in wildlife tracking.

Wildlife corridors

This service may be of use in identifying wildlife corridors and crossing points when considering the placement of roads, barriers and warning signs.


Contact us via our contact page.

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    Wildlife services at a glance:

    • Species inventory
    • Great Crested Newt Surveys
    • Reptile Surveys
    • Badger Surveys
    • Riparian Mammal Survey
    • Wildlife corridors
    • Deer Impact Assessment
    • Live capture and animal recovery

    Tracked and Recovered



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  • Altyerre
  • Amberlight
  • Ambios
  • Beacon Youth Centre
  • Bohunt School
  • Brinsbury College
  • Chichester and Midhurst Scouts
  • Chichester College
  • Chillisauce
  • Countryside Education Trust
  • Connexions
  • Conocophilips
  • Contrywide Events
  • EIBE Play
  • Exxonmobile
  • Friends Provident
  • Groundwork
  • Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust
  • Hillcrest Care
  • Kensington Estates
  • Kent Wildlife Trust
  • Knight Emmens School
  • Landrover
  • Mars
  • Midhurst Rother College
  • Millbourne Lodge School
  • National Trust
  • Plumpton College
  • PAYP -Positive Activities with Young People
  • Sharpham Outdoors
  • St Mary's School, Horsham
  • Surrey Wildlife Trust
  • Virgin
  • Waverly Council
  • Woodcraft Folk -Brighton
  • Weald and Downland Museum
  • Wildwise
  • Wright Event
  • WWF
  • Field Farm Project

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John Rhyder 

john rhyder

John is a naturalist, woodsman and wildlife tracker, he is both founder and Head Instructor at Woodcraft School. 

John has also worked and taught in arboriculture, conservation and habitat management. He has been teaching since 1994 making this a full time career since then. He is a gifted naturalist and is certified through CyberTracker conservation as a Senior tracker. The first, and currently, the only person at this level and therefore the highest qualified wildlife tracker in Northern Europe. John is also works as an evaluator  assessing the CyberTracker system in this region.  To expand his knowlege John has been certificated in Germany, Holland and Spain. He is a qualified arborist and also holds a University certificate in Species Identification and Biological Recording specialising in mammals, reptiles, bats, fungi and woodland plants and trees. John has been endorsed as an instructor in natural navigation techniques through Tristan Gooley and his school of natural navigation. He is also approved to run Managing and Valuing Veteran Trees through the Ancient Tree Forum

John is one of the most experienced authorities in the field of bushcraft in the UK with an impressive pedigree in this arena including being appointed as chief instructor for Ray Mears, receiving his antler handled instructor knife unusually after his first season as an instructor 1997/98. He is the originator of the first accredited bushcraft and related programmes in the UK. He has gained his Accredited Practitioner through the Institute of Outdoor Learning (APIOL). In addition he has written a Bushcraft Award for a leading youth organisation the Woodcraft Folk. John has also been lucky enough travel widely and has studied and led bushcraft, tracking and wildlife tours in Romania, Germany, Norway, Sweden, France, Iberia,  Africa,  the USA and Poland. Within Woodcraft School he specialises in delivering the wildlife, wildlife tracking and ethnobotanical courses

John holds several protected species licences and when not teaching is often called on to use his knowledge of nature and tracking to provide a range of wildlife services. He also writes, and has contributed many articles for various publications illustrated with is own photographs. His first book Woodcraft A practical celebration of the tree is availible from a variety of outlets and directly to students on courses.


Phil Brooke

phil-profile-3Phil has been connected with Woodcraft School for many years initially as a student and now as an instructor. He succesfully completed our ten month Certificate in Bushcraft Leadership and almost immediately began to work for the company and has proved to be an excellent student and teacher of the subject. Phil now runs several of our programmes under license after many years of training with us. These awards are still Woodcraft School qualifications and therefore Phil carries our reputation forwards together with his own. This arrangement reflects our faith in his ability and character as an instructor.

Phil is especially interested and skilled in traditional archery and is a very competent traditional bowyer. In addition, Phil is now a level three tracker through CyberTracker conservation, one of only a handful in the country. Phil continues to study and learn new things and has been succesful in completing all of our programmes giving him an excellent all round knowledge of our core subjects of bushcraft, ethnobotany and wildlife tracking.

All of Phil's adult teaching is done in conjunction with Woodcraft School and when he is not with us, Phil also makes and sells traditional bows and arrows and supplies bow staves. He also works a woodland near his home in East Sussex using traditional management practices which together with providing materials and products for his work, also enhances the conservation value of these sites. If you are interested in any of Phil's excellent bows, arrows and bow staves visit his website here




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Woodcraft School Instructors are trained in First Aid and will carry emergency equipment including a First Aid Kit. The Emergency Plan is known by all members of the group including the participants and additional daily safety points are explained in morning briefing or at the start of an activity.

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Environmental Impact

Woodcraft School promotes the sustainable use of woodlands for leisure and education. All sites are assessed to establish likely Environmental Impact and measures are outlined to protect the sites.

It is the aim of Woodcraft School to teach people about their environmental impact, aspects of sustainable management and the history of woodland management in the UK.

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The information below must be read thoroughly and carefully before any booking is made. These terms and conditions are not subject to variation without prior consent in writing from Woodcraft School Ltd. Once a booking has been accepted by written confirmation, or by electronic means including BACS transfer or Paypal, the client(s) named on will have entered into a binding contract on the basis of the following Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. "Woodcraft School" means Woodcraft School Ltd. PO Box 64, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9WL

1. Agreement

Any agreement based on the outlined terms and conditions arise upon the fulfilment of the following:

a) Receipt and clearance in Woodcraft Schools bank account of full payment or non-refundable deposit as detailed in section 2 below.

b) That the person named on the booking is taken as the client attending the course or by a legally recognised agent of the client for and on their behalf unless otherwise specified.

c) The Agreement is between Woodcraft School and the client(s) booking and is the sole agreement between those parties.

d) Woodcraft School reserves the right to refuse bookings to any party or individual without need to give reasons solely at Woodcraft School's discretion and we will return any payment accompanying the booking.

2. Payment of UK courses

General Courses

Following the receipt by Woodcraft School Ltd of an initial non-refundable deposit. The balance of the fees are required in full no later than 8 weeks before the course starts.

If the balance is not paid, Woodcraft School reserves the right to treat the agreement as cancelled by the client(s) in relation to Clause 3 below. Bookings made within 8 weeks of course commencement must be accompanied by payment in full.

Long Term Courses

For courses requiring regular attendance over several months the remaining fees, after receipit of the intial deposit, if not paid in full can be paid monthly starting on the 1st day of the month that the course begins and continue until the last month when the course ends. Further details of this will be sent out with more specific information about the course in question.

3 Cancellation of course

Given the substantial preparation by Woodcraft School prior to any course, the client must be aware of the following conditions and therefore agrees to such. If the booking is cancelled for any reason the following charges will be applied: exceptions inclued overseas tours section 4 below.

All UK Courses 

a) Cancellation more than 8 weeks before the course starts results in the loss of the deposit.

b) Cancellation 4-8 weeks before course commencement will lead to 50% of the course cost being payable.

c) Cancellation less than 4 weeks before course commencement 100% of the course fee will be required by Woodcraft School.

4. Overseas tours

Payment and terms

Due to the substantial planning demanded by tours of this nature and the need to secure and finance in-country logistics, our terms differ slightly than those detailed for UK courses.


a) Initial deposit at the time of booking to secure a single place. 

b) Remainder payable latest by 8 weeks prior to departure. We can arrange a monthly payment option to this point prior to depature of equal amounts which will vary depending on the time of booking.

c) Bookings made on or after the 8 week period prior to depature require payment in full.


Up until 8 weeks prior to departure in the event of you cancelling your place all payments made up to that point, including the deposit, are non refundable. Should you cancel within 8 weeks of departure then we would expect full payment for the tour. We will endeavour to fill your place and should we be successful will refund your money in full. Please let us know as soon as can to give us the best chance of getting your money back. 


You may be able to purchase travel insurance against the possibilty of cancelling your course and we strongly advise our clients to investigate this further.

5. Variation of course by Woodcraft School

By its very nature a Woodcraft School course is subject to natural forces and although every effort is made to comply with the course content, Woodcraft School reserves the right to alter the course content to match any natural variables. The client acknowledges that information provided by us is given to the best of our ability but that because of natural variable it may be necessary to change the itinerary and that in such circumstances it is not reasonable for Woodcraft School to be liable for any losses as a result and that our liability is limited accordingly.

6. Client conduct

Woodcraft School clients are expected to behave in a reasonable manner at all times and to comply with the reasonable instructions and leadership of Woodcraft School. Woodcraft School reserves the right to remove any client(s) from the course at the instructor/leader's absolute discretion without recourse to repayment for that course and against the client(s) will if necessary. Circumstances that may warrant exclusion from a course includes (without limitation): intoxication, use of non-prescription drugs, abusive behaviour, inability to meet the rigours of the course from physical or mental reasons, or through lack of appropriate equipment. If you are in any doubt about your ability to meet the rigours of the course, please contact your GP before booking. For removal of any party under such conditions, Woodcraft School will not be liable to any losses as a result and Woodcraft School is also entitled to any reasonable costs arising from removal of said client(s) payable upon demand. In addition, parents, guardians or those in a position of similar responsibility are to ensure the behaviour and safe control of any children to the satisfaction of Woodcraft School.

7. Insurance

Woodcraft School is covered to a level of £5,000,000 for Public Liability and is insured as an Outdoor Activities Provider. Woodcraft School clients are advised to provide their own personal insurance cover from a well established company.

8. Liability

Woodcraft School courses take place in the outdoors, which by its nature is never completely free from hazard. While all reasonable precautions are taken to minimise the risks the client accepts that accidents including serious injury and death can occur without Woodcraft School being at fault. The client also recognises that Woodcraft School is not responsible for loss or damage to the personal property of the client including vehicles, money, clothing and/or equipment. The client also recognises attendance of a Woodcraft School course in no way qualifies him/her to teach the course content. Woodcraft School therefore accepts no responsibility for any mishap occurring to third parties taught by attendees of any Woodcraft School course. Woodcraft School also takes no responsibility for any mishap during a course from any instruction or information not given by Woodcraft School appointed instructors or assistants. Woodcraft School also takes no responsibility for any mishaps occurring as a result of the clients failure to follow instruction. Woodcraft School will only accept liability for physical injury to a client that is shown to result from negligence on the part of Woodcraft School.

9. Cancellation by Woodcraft School

In the event that Woodcraft School cancels a course, all monies will be refunded in full, or if preferred, transferred as a deposit for another course. Please note that Woodcraft School requires a minimum number of clients to run a course. Woodcraft School reserves the right to cancel all and any bookings without reason or notice. Under these unlikely circumstances Woodcraft School agrees to repay in full all and any deposits or course fees to the client.

10. Complaints

In the unlikely event that a client has cause for complaint about a Woodcraft School course, the complaint should be made to a representative of Woodcraft School during the event in order that corrective action can be taken if necessary. If the complaint is about a member of staff then please contact the office and we shall inform you of the complaints procedures so we can take the necessary action. A complaint must be made immediately. Woodcraft School will not accept a complaint after the end of the course. However, should a problem not be resolved at source, a complaint should be made in writing within 28 days or this complaint will not be upheld. 

11. Allergies

 If you suffer from severe allergies from substances such as nuts etc, please inform us as soon as possible particularly if you think it will effect your participation in certain elements of your course.

12. Travel Documents

The client is solely responsible, where necessary, for ensuring that he/she has all the necessary travel documents.

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