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  • Trailing Intensive

    New for 2018/19

    November 2018

    Trailing intensive

    A complete Trailing immersion brand new and unique

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Mary Rose bows

This programme is a Customised Qualification accredited by the NCFE.

Who's a clever boy...

Congratulations to John Rhyder who is now the proud owner of a post graduate certificate in Species Identification and Recording. This course was run through the Field Studies Council and the University of Birmingham. John specialised in mammals, bats, reptiles and amphibians, fungi and woodland plants.

John is now writing a regular monthly column in the local Chichester Observer covering all aspects of bushcraft and wildlife. Currently into its 3rd month, it seems it has been well received inspiring lots of general enquiries about nature.


Why Learn Latin?

Or, as I am sure some of my students would say, "please, why oh why learn latin.." Latin has been used for the naming of all things natural mainly because it is a 'dead language'; it is no longer spoken and can therefore no longer evolve and change. The hope being that once something is named in this language it will stay fixed forever.

Instructors Course

instructors courses

  • Description:  Since 2007 we have been running our own accredited instructor course in our own unique format. Here are a selection of photos to what the instructors get up to during their time with us.
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