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  • Plant Identification for Wild food and Medicine

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    29 May 2018

    Plant identification for wild foods and Medicine

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Wildlife Trailing Workshop

Course Content

This two day course covers the techniques needed to trail or follow an animal in the wild, we are aiming this programme at anyone wanting to get closer to wildlife but are also planning this it as preparation for those who may be interested in taking a CyberTracker trailing evaluation. The learning outcomes therefore follow the assessment criteria of the evaluation covering in detail the elements of spoor recognition, spoor anticipation, anticipation of dangerous situations, alertness and stealth with each of these main headings further broken down into sub categories leading too what we we believe is a most indepth and thorough trailing criteria.

The course is not heavily theory based and we will be on the trails as soon as practically possible during the programme.  We will stay on these trails for as long as we can throughout each day with candidates rotating to take a turn at point. Even when not in the lead a great deal can be learned from watching from behind. Tuition is given throughout, towards the end of the second day it is hoped that we will be in a position to put the criteria taught in place and try to approach animals. Essentially we will stop talking and see how close we can get to the quarry.

We will not be following pre laid human trails on this course or indeed any people at all, neither will we be playing any games to aid training and so after a fairly brief introduction the course will be taught entirely on the trail. We tend to focus on ungulates usually fallow deer, to maximise our chances of trailing to a satifactory conclusion.  To maximise the success of this course it is limited to 6 people.

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Please enquire should this course be full as we may run extra dates

Course Dates

Wildlife Trailing Workshop

 Please read the following information before booking:

Please note that by booking on to our courses you agree to our terms and conditions.

Please note this is a self catered course, we are not working from our usual site for any of our trailing events and so do not normally offer camping. Please contact us if you would like to discuss options. 

You need to be over 18 years of age to attend this programme.

7-8 Nov 2019

Course: Wildlife Trailing Workshop

Location: Nr Midhurst, West Sussex

Start Time: 9.00

Completion Time: 4.30

Course Leader: John Rhyder

Course Size: 4 (maximum)

Cost Per Person: £180.00 (Deposit £50.00)

Course Reviews

Ian Gosling

December 2016- Woodcraft School

Over the course of this year i've been very fortunate to take a few courses with John Rhyder at Woodcraft School. I have failed to be disappointed by the quality and commitment in the ability to deliver outstanding education. Delivered with a strong passion and direction, John shows this throughout these courses and the trailing workshop is no exception. The course itself is a perfect companion to the Cybertracker and gives you the 'dirt time' needed to prepare yourself for the evaluation. As a stand alone course it is a great opportunity to gain practical skills that are supported with the theoretical knowledge needed to learn and understanding the behaviour of deer and our environment. Being able to put those skills to the test is invaluable and definitely gives the tracker the foundation to pursue an amazing set of skills. What is evident about the course, is that it's an emotional roller coaster! One minute you are on the trail and the next it's gone........and then it's there again!!! It a rewarding experience i'd recommend to anyone and following this up with the Cybertracker evaluation just puts the icing on the cake and gives the tracker a real sense of the own abilities and leaves you with a feeling of wanting more.......!  

Angie Nash

November 2016- Woodcraft School

I attended both a two day trailing workshop and a Cybertrack trailing evaluation hosted by Woodcraft School. In the past, when I've spent time in the woods, I've followed the odd deer trail for 100m or so over easy terrain and then as soon as I'd lost the track I'd lose interest and not attempt to question it more or look for the final details. It wasn't really important to me to find it. After the evaluation, and seeing how its possible to pick up the tiniest of details and start to get an insight into the individual animal that left the track, I am well and truly hooked! Both John and Nate (from Cybertrack) taught me some great skills and methodology that I want to put into practice on a regular basis. I love the process of eliminating the different routes the animal could have taken until you find that one tiny sign that a deer went in a given direction and then starting to piece together a bit of the animals day. I came to both the workshop and the evaluation not knowing really what I could be taught other than the sorts of things you see in films, I.e. Bent twigs, but I was taught so much more than that and feel I've been given some great skills to be able to go out there and learn more about the animal as well as how to find it.
Thanks! X

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