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Valuing and Managing Veteran Trees

New Course for 2016

Course Content

A brand new course aimed at anyone with an interest in trees on either an amateur or more professional level, run under the approval of the Ancient Tree Forum. This course will equip the participant with a base level of knowlege concerning the importance and management options of some of our most precious natural monuments. The learning objectives for this course are as follows. 

Give a definition of a veteran tree that is of importance for biological or heritage value

Explain why trees can live so long

Describe how and where roots grow and why they are important

Undertake a simple survey of a veteran tree in the field

Assess where management is likely to appropriate for old trees or their surroundings

Whats it about

Veteran trees support an amazingly rich array of life often found nowhere else. Many of these specialist species are already rare and becoming rarer still as we lose veteran and ancient trees and the habitats they provide. It is thought before our (arguably) 'over management' of the landscape, veteran trees would have been relatively common place. It is vital that we retain and care for our ancient and veteran trees, even when they are dead, to ensure the survival of the species that depend upon them. It is also important we understand the role that ancient trees play in the complex web of life. They provide a rich and diverse range of habitats, playing host to countless other species. in additon to wildlife value they also serve to mark significant periods or events in our cultural history and our folklore: imagine the legend of Robin Hood and the major oak or the Tolpuddle tree under whose shade six agricultural workers meet in 1834.

This course has been designed as a CPD course for anyone involved or interested in trees but also serves as great introduction to these fascinating organisms. This will also appeal to anyone with a love of trees regardless of your level of knowlege.


Course Dates

Valuing and Managing Veteran Trees

This programme is availible as part of our Managing Woodland course or can be be booked seperately by groups and organisations

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