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Workshops & Bespoke Events

John is frequently asked to provide talks, lectures and workshops on all aspects of his work ranging from one to one tution to bespoke courses for organisations or groups of friends. for a list of organisations he has worked with check here

The duration and level of each event can be adjusted to the time available, the venue and the audience. please contact us if you wish to book John.

  • Wildlife track and sign and trailing
  • Wildlife watching experiences
  • Identification of plants, trees and fungi
  • Ethnobotany, wild food and medicine
  • Natural Navigation 


We are able to offer a certificate of attendance to count towards continued professional development for many of our bespoke events.

John is also able to teach some of our programmes on a private basis to groups and organisations most notably Wildlife trailing, Bow making and Valuing and Managing Veteran trees

In addition to privately booked events, John will be delivering the following courses and workshops in 2016/17 which are open to the general public

At the Weald And Downland Museum

  • Traditonal English Longbow 28th - 30th October 2016
  • Traditional English Longbow: 10th – 12 February 2017
  •  Bark basketry 8th May 2017
  •  Animal tracking and trailing: 16th May 2017
  •  Wild Food: 30th September 2017
  •  Traditional English Longbow: 10th – 12 November 2017

To keep track of talks and workshops and any of our other work please join us on facebook and twitter. You may also like to sign up to our news letter.

Course Reviews

Highfield School

March 2015 - Woodcraft School

Dear John

I am sorry that I didn't get to catch up with you yesterday but I would like to say thank you for providing what was clearly a great day's training for my colleagues. Whenever I spoke with any of them they were full of enthusiasm and excitement about what they were doing. You were described as a "legend" and someone "who knows everything there is to know about Bushcraft" and you style of delivery was loved by all, "he taught us all about doing things safely without talking about safety; it was just clear from what he was doing" I cannot thank you enough for enabling my colleagues to develop the skills that they need to support our Bushcraft activities but mostly for engendering such a wonderful level of joy and enthusiasm which I am sure will be passed on to the children.

Peter Hesselmann

Highfield School 


Lesley Denham, Adult Education Assistant

2013 - Weald & Downland Open Air Museum

"Wildlife I have known by John Rhyder was one of the standout highlights of the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum’s 2013 talk series. John who is a well-regarded naturalist, wilderness skills expert and certified tracker is an engaging speaker, with a good sense of humour. The talk explored the many plants and trees to be found in the Sussex landscape and the uses they can be put to for food, medicine and utility together with many interesting facts about the animals that share our landscape. It was entertaining and informative with plenty of audience participation – with objects to handle and even a chance to try a herbal tea."

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