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Yew Warbow


Course Content

We have recently sourced some very high quality English yew enabling to provide this course after years of wanting to. We are aiming this at those who have attended bow making courses with us before or who at least have a good grasp of working with wood. Yew can be fickle and awkward and aside from the disappointment of making a mistake, the rarity of this material makes wasting it a crime. 

Whats it about

The course focuses on the great warbow of the hundred years war made famous by the battles that marked this period in history, Agincourt, Poiters and Crecy these names ring down ages, engagements that arguably would not have been won without the English yew bow and the highly skilled and practiced archers who shot it.

The course is inspired by the bows of this period and leans very much on the weapons found on the wreck of the Mary Rose for design inspiration. Although these bows where of a weight and power beyond which most of us mortal archers today would want to shoot. Please do not worry if you think you won't be able to shoot your creation, we will tailor your bows to suit your abilities. Should you wish however, the material we have sourced lends itself to bows up to the 100lb mark. There will also be time to put horn knocks on the bows and to make traditional laid in flemish string from linen.

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Yew Warbow

 Please read the following information before booking:

Please note that by booking on to our courses you agree to our terms and conditions.

Please note this is a  catered course and camping is optional.

For this course we can accommodate vegetarian diets. If you have severe allergies, a specific and complicated diet or are a strict vegan then you will have to make arrangements to supplement the food provided with your own provisons. Please contact the office prior to making any online booking if you fall into this latter category if you need to discuss your options.

Price includes food & camping should you wish to stay over. it is aimed at 18 years and over although we do offer places to younger people at our discretion. Please enquire.

17 - 20 Sept 2017

Course: Yew Warbow

Training: 17 - 20 Sept 2017

Assessment: N/A

Location: Nr Midhurst, West Sussex

Start Time: 7.00 pm

Completion Time: 4.00 pm

Course Leader: John Rhyder

Course Size: 10 (maximum)

Cost Per Person: £395 (Deposit £100)

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