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  • Wildlife Identification and Interpretation

    New for 2016


    Wildlife Identification & Interpretation

    Starting In April 2016 Unique and brand new course


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Welcome To Woodcraft School

“Woodcraft is the ‘knowledge and skill in such things as belong to woodland life and occupations’…  But among woodsmen it is understood to be particularly the faculty of ‘being at home’ in wilderness; of living on intimate terms with nature; not only of knowing her innermost secrets but also how to use those secrets for the forest-dweller’s comfort and safety

Edward Breck, Way of the Woods,  1908

Woodcraft School are suppliers of bushcraft, natural history and wildlife experiences. With subject specific teaching experience dating back to 1997 we have been responsible for creating and delivering innovative courses highly sought after by beginners, enthusiasts and fellow instructors. 

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In The Heart Of The South Downs National Park

We operate from a woodland camp set in the middle of 250 acres of ancient woodland on a beautiful private estate. We have a three acre lake, streams, meadows and we are situated very close to vast areas of land which we also have access to, this adds greatly to our foraging, natural history and wildlife tracking programmes.