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Coastal Wild Food Course West Sussex dawn
  • 5 day course

    23-27 July 2024

    New-Foundational Ethnobotany

    Based on the utility of plants and trees

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    Europe & The UK

    Dates now available for 2024

    Tracker Evaluations

    Trailing and Track & Sign evaluations

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When not teaching or involved in wildlife John also writes articles and books.  You can find details of his  current books below by following the links to find out more and how to buy them. Some are published by ourselves and some buy our publishers.


Forward by Ben Law

This book is a re published newer version of Johns first book and is now being published by the History Press. The work takes the reader on a very practical learning journey about the safe use of tools and harvesting of wood to the subsequent uses for roots bark and timber. A step by step account with colour photographs, this book is suitable for a student of woodcraft, the naturalist, and the practitioner of bushcraft skills. If you have ever wanted to make your own bow and arrow, make fire using just friction or explore the properties of bark, make inks and dyes or discover a wealth of other relevant and traditional uses for wood then this book will not disappoint you.  John Rhyder has taught these skills for over 20 years and delivers the information in a no-nonsense and easy to follow guide with a lot of humour.

“As you’d expect from one of the legends of outdoor education, this book contains a feast of practical tips. If you spend time outdoors, I strongly recommend getting hold of a copy”. Tristan Gooley

More details can be found here

£22.00 + £4.00 P&P

Please note postage costs may vary outside of the UK please contact us before buying.

Track And Sign

Forward By Tristan Gooley

A guide to the field signs of the mammals and birds of the UK.

John Rhyder explores the world of British mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians through their tracks and other signs, including scat, feeding, damage to trees, dens, beds and nests, providing a fully explained and illustrated guide to the natural world around us

Following years of extensive research from one of the UK’s leading wildlife trackers, Track and Sign is illustrated with line drawings and photographs, making identification in the field effective and accurate for both the complete beginner and the expert naturalist.

For more details click here

£20.00 + £4.00 P&P

Please note postage costs may vary outside of the UK please contact us before buying.

Bird Tracks

John Rhyder & David Wege

Bird Tracks: A Guide to British Species explores and enhances the ability to identify a diversity of birds using just their tracks and trails. John Rhyder and David Wege approach this subject from the perspective of both the tracker and the birdwatcher. They have examined and described 139 species, each richly illustrated with a mixture of photographs and drawings of their unique tracks and trails.

Bird Tracks is a comprehensive guide for trackers and birdwatchers interested in studying species found around the British Isles, and can also be of great use across north-western Europe. Written by experts in their respective fields, this work represents several years of research collated into the most in-depth study of bird tracks published to date.

£25.00 + £4.00 P&P

Please note postage costs may vary outside of the UK please contact us before buying.

Animal Tracks Field Guide

This small volume is intended as a companion guide to the larger work detailed above. The purpose in producing this smaller work was to create something that focuses just on drawings of footprints and can be taken out in to the field. It is designed so it can be laid down next to a track for a direct comparison. For this reason, it is constructed in a way that it opens flat and made out of wipe clean material.

More details can be found here


Please note postage costs may vary outside of the UK please contact us before buying.