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  • Cyber Tracker Intro

    New dates

    15-19 June 2021

    Combined tracker workshop and evaluation

    A 3 day Track and sign workshop followed by a 2 day CyberTracker evaluation

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    Track and Sign Dates for 2021

    Tracker Evaluations

    2021 dates available for track and sign evaluations

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  • Wildfood 02

    Places available

    5-9 July 2021

    Plant identification for wild foods and Medicine

    An excellent exploration into the world of plants and trees

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Talks and lectures

John Rhyder is able to provide talks and demonstrations to societies and organisations on a number of topics related to wildlife, tracking ethnobotany and bushcraft. We have several events designed and ready to go or can design something specific to your requirements. Each is designed to run for one and a half to two hours with a short break part way through. John uses a mixture of talking, slides and real objects to deliver this information.

Trees, Bows and Woodcraft

This talk takes a journey through the wonderful world of trees exploring their form and biology, how they live grow and interact with the other organism they share their forest with. We also explore the ethnobotany of trees or the myriad of uses wood, roots, bark and leaves have been put to over the millennia with a emphasis on food, medicine and craft. Special attention is given to the the bow and arrow as this particular craft contains within it a full appreciation of the these unique and spectacular monuments of Nature.

Tracks, Scats and Sign

If you have ever wondered who is mooching about in house, garden or the local woods this could be just the talk you might want to attend. It is a hands on interactive chance to learn the principles of identification of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and even insects by the tracks they leave. There is also a chance to explore the various scats and droppings that are often extremely diagnostic in identifying mammals. We look at skull identification and the identification of feathers feeding sign on negation, nuts and seeds. There is a chance to see, and handle, the real life examples that illustrate this talk.


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RhCol Deer