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    24-28 March 2020

    Combined tracker workshop and evaluation

    A 3 day Track and sign workshop followed by a 2 day evaluation

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    Tracker Evaluations

    2020 dates available for track and sign and trailing

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    29 June-3 July 2020

    Plant identification for wild foods and Medicine

    An excellent exploration into the world of plants and trees

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Traditional Bow Making

Course Content

Selection of suitable felled timber for specific bow designs, processing and preparing timber from round wood. Construction of a range of bows of different designs using a wide range of timbers. making repairs, exploration of design and techniques to improve efficency, bows of varying draw weights, character bows, dealing with knots, twists lumps and bumps, arrow plates and horn nocks.

Whats it about

We have been planning this course for several years with the aim of providing a platform from which to explore the variety and craftsmanship to be found within this unique aspect of our social and woodland heritage. We focus on wooden bows which historically have informed so much of life in this temperate home of ours. Tracing back the designs to earliest bows of Europe’s mesolithic hunter gathers, through to the those great weapons of war and then on to explore the new, or at least rediscovered technologies and uses of materials that are available to the modern wooden bow maker. We anticipate that students will make many bows of a variety of designs and specification which will culminate in a final piece specifically to show a number of the skills learned over the course of the programme. The course will run over several months with attendence required in two and three day blocks spread evenly one block per month for the duration of the course. There will be some requirement for working on projects at home and for this reason a set of hand tools will also be needed by each participant.

Although not assessed, arrow making and string making will also be explored.

If you are unsure about entering the world of bow making you may be interested in our three day bow making course.

Course Dates 2020 20 Days in total

  • 12-14 June
  • 24-26 July
  • 29-31 August
  • 25-27 September
  • 23-25 October
  • 27-29 November
  • 20-21 Feb 2021

Course Dates

Traditional Bow Making

Please read the following information before booking:

Please note this is a self-catered course and camping is optional.

June 2020 to Feb 2021

Course: Traditional Bow Making

Training: 12th June 2020 to Feb 2021

Location: West Sussex

Start Time: 8.30 am

Completion Time: 4.00pm

Course Leader: Phil Brooke

Course Size: 12 (maximum)

Cost Per Person: £1,600 (Deposit £200)