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  • Wildlife Identification and Tracking

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    Wildlife Identification & Tracking

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Track and Sign Workshop

Course Content

This two day course covers the recognition of the track and sign left behind by the passing of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians and even on occasion insects, The course will include foot morphology and identifcation of tracks, feeding signs, droppings, beds and resting areas. The programme at anyone wanting to know more about wildlife but we are also planning this it as a refersher for anyone booked on one of our CyberTracker track and sign evaluations. The structure and delivery of the course therefore follows the assessment criteria of the evaluation .

The course is a mix of theory and practical with enough of the theory covered to explain the sign found in the field.  We will be visting several venues during the two days to cover as many of species found in this region as possible  Tuition is given throughout, towards the end of the second day we will try a set up a mock evaluation to reinforce and thouroughly explain the reasons behind identification

Although this is a two day programme and serves as an introduction to the subject it is still taught to a deep level with some real and very useful information imparted

You may also be interested in our Wildlife identification and interpretation course and our Wildlife trailing workshop

Please enquire should this course be full as we may run extra dates

Course dates 2018

  • 16-17 March

Course Dates

Track and Sign Workshop

 Please read the following information before booking:

Please note that by booking on to our courses you agree to our terms and conditions.

Please note this is a self catered course, we are not always working from our usual site for our tracking events and so do not normally offer camping. Please contact us if you would like to discuss options. 

You need to be over 18 years of age to attend this programme.

16-17 March 2018

Course: Track & Sign Workshop

Training: 16-17 March 2018

Assessment: N/A

Location: Nr Midhurst, West Sussex

Start Time: 9.00

Completion Time: 4.30

Course Leader: John Rhyder

Course Size: 8 (maximum)

Cost Per Person: £180.00 (Deposit £50.00)

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