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Arrow Making Workshop

Course Content

The Traditional Arrow Making Workshop is an exciting new workshop running over three days and traces the development of arrows through history from the self arrows of our hunter gatherer ancestors to armour piecing projectiles of the hundred years war and finishing our journey with modern target style arrows. Over the three days we work with the techniques appropriate to each particular design and materials used. Including preparing sawn timber blanks and self arrows made from stems of native shrubs and trees. These species are known to have been used historically for this purpose having excellent qualites for arrow making. On this workshop we discover how our ancestors made arrows to suit their needs of warfare or hunter gather lifestyles.

Material selection, species selection, carpentry techniques, deflection and spining arrows, horn nock inserts, feathers, cutting and preparing feathers, self nocks, primitate glues, medieval glues, modern glues, fletchings, whipping and binding, modern points/piles, medieval bodkins and primitive arrow heads. This workshop is all about the history and techniques and archery evolved to become so sophisticated and successful using different wood designs and materials.

There is a saying that any old bit of wood will make a bow but it takes a lots of effort to make a decent arrow. This workshop hope to address that issue and is a perfect companion course for anyone who has enjoyed our Longbow making workshop

If this course is full please contact us to be placed on a waiting list for cancellations.

Should enough people express an interest we may run extra dates.

Course Dates 2024

  • 25th – 28th July

Course Dates

Arrow Making Workshop

Please read the following information before booking:

This course is part catered offering an evening meal only and we can accommodate meat and vegetarian diets, if you have allergies, a specific or complicated diet or are a strict vegan then you will have to make arrangements to supplement the food provided with your own provisions. Please contact the office prior to making any online booking if you fall into this latter category if you need to discuss your options. we work late into the evening camping is not a requirement but you are welcome to camp at our site if you prefer

NB: Camping is not integral to this programme, it is something we offer for the convenience of our students it is not part of the course fee. With this in mind please be aware that should you choose to stay on site you will be expected to help with the small tasks, that facilitate the smooth running of the cam

You need to be 18 years or older to attend  

The course location is near Heathfield, East Sussex


Arrow making Workshop 2024 Places

Course: Arrow Making Workshop

Training: 25th - 28th July 2024

Location: Nr Heathfield East Sussex

Start Time: 7.00pm

Completion Time: 4.00 pm

Course Leader: Phil Brooke

Course size: 12 (maximum)

Cost per person: £295