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Coastal Wild Food Course West Sussex dawn
  • 5 day course

    23-27 July 2024

    New-Foundational Ethnobotany

    Based on the utility of plants and trees

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The English Warbow

Bows have been a part of our culture for thousands of years, so long and so important are they to us, that perhaps none of us would be here if it wasn’t for the skill and patience of our ancestors. Hunting, inter- tribal conflict and symbols of power that built nations like our small islands, these beautiful pieces of timber are much more than killing tools. Each Bow is a personal statement of skill, patience and craftsmanship.

We explore Bow design through the ages with a particular focus on the evolution of longbows and how the simple stick become a feared weapon that dominated the Middle Age’s battlefields. You’ll learn how to craft your War Bow using simple tools, utilising the knowledge and skill that’s been passed on from one generation of Bowyers to another over time

Course Content

  • War Bow History
  • Wooden Bow Design
  • Factors Affecting Bow Efficiency
  • Wood Selection
  • Bow Woods
  • Tillering
  • carpentry techniques
  • Horn Nocks
  • Arrow plates
  • Finishing methods
  • String materials
  • String construction

The Materials

We make the staves prior to the course from grade A bow making timber. these staves consist of three different species of wood, maple for the back of the bow and lemonwood as the belly. The tapered core is of yew and offers a special opportunity to use this special tree as the core wood is as long as our current stock lasts. This Yew timber was  cut locally 4-5 years ago and processed into laminate strips.

Draw weight

Draw weight describes the effort involved in drawing back a longbow which in war bows was very high. It’s certainly possible to aim for war bow weights in this course however we always advise to aim for a achievable draw weight for you. Especially if you intend to shoot regularly. A typical weight for this course is 60-100lbs, a few have gone higher.

Dates 2024

September 1st – 6th 2024

Course Dates

English Warbow Making Workshop

Please read the following information before booking:

This course is part catered offering an evening meal only and we can accommodate meat and vegetarian diets, if you have allergies, a specific or complicated diet or are a strict vegan then you will have to make arrangements to supplement the food provided with your own provisions. Please contact the office prior to making any online booking if you fall into this latter category if you need to discuss your options. we work late into the evening camping is not a requirement but you are welcome to camp at our site if you prefer

NB: Camping is not integral to this programme, it is something we offer for the convenience of our students it is not part of the course fee. With this in mind please be aware that should you choose to stay on site you will be expected to help with the small tasks, that facilitate the smooth running of the camp

You need to be 18 years or older to attend  

The course location is near Heathfield, East Sussex

The warbow 1-6 Sept 2024 places

Course: The Warbow

Training: 1-6 September 2024

Location: Nr Heathfield East Sussex

Start time: 5.00 pm

Completion time: 5.00 pm

Course leader: Phil Brooke

Course Size size: 8 (maximum)

Cost per person : £595(£100 deposit)

Course Reviews

Bill Eldridge-June

I wanted to record my thanks to both you and Joe, please pass on my thanks to him. I do not think I could have wanted a more knowledgeable and supportive pair of trainers. Lesser mortals would have given up on me and my heavy weight stave. You didn’t and I was able to go home with a fantastic functioning War bow. Your sense of humour and optimism never flagged and you kept a diverse bunch of trainees with very different levels of skill and experience on track, amazing. Thank you once again.