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Coastal Wild Food Course West Sussex dawn
  • 5 day course

    23-27 July 2024

    New-Foundational Ethnobotany

    Based on the utility of plants and trees

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  • DSC01053

    Europe & The UK

    Dates now available for 2024

    Tracker Evaluations

    Trailing and Track & Sign evaluations

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We provide a broad range of wildlife and natural history applications, from tracking down missing animals to surveying for what is there!


Wildlife Services

With extensive natural history knowledge we are able to provide the following:

1. Species inventory
A general survey to find out what wildlife and plants might be in an area, targeting rare or protected wildlife or for invasive species. This service may be of use in identifying wildlife corridors and crossing points when considering the placement of roads, barriers and warning signs.

These surveys are also suitable for landowners who would like to know the principle plants, trees and animals on their property. The habitat value together with recommendations for improvement are also included in these reports.

2. Deer impact assessment
This service relies on extensive knowledge of the tracks and signs of ungulate species and other species whose sign may be easily confused.  Impact surveys can be used to measure current levels of issues on a site and to monitor how impacts are changing with time. The methodology has been developed by the Deer Initiative and was originally based on the work of Dr A. Cooke. It is simple to apply but is also sensitive enough to give a broad description of deer impingement, together with an indication of deer activity. It is usually used for general woodland assessment rather than for forestry crops. Deer impact assessment is extremely important when devising strategies to ensure the long-term health of woodland and other habitats.

3. Tracking
We are often called out  to provide assistance in locating missing, escaped or injured animals using extensive experience in animal tracking and trailing.

4. Nature Guiding
Our knowledge of many specific areas locally and abroad enhance our wildlife and nature guiding, but we can offer this across the UK at your site and/or with specific partners in Europe if you want a more international flavour! Let us know your requirements and we can tailor make a package which may include a general wildlife, tracking and ethnobotanical experience or something that focuses on specific subject areas. We can travel and adapt!

Educational Consultancy

Based on an impressive amount of previous and practical knowledge, we are able to help design educational programmes and train staff and volunteers in the delivery of such programmes. Ranging from specialist areas such as non invasive monitoring techniques especially track and sign identification, this kind of support can help a wide range of citizen science projects.


I am able to mentor people long term either one to one or in small groups in any of the subjects areas we are skilled buts especially in the field of wildlife tracking.

Contact us via our contact page.